Using Printables In My FiloFax Planner

I'm so excited, I had some of my printables printed up for a project I'm working on and had one left over. I've been totally addicted to decorating my planners (yes, plural) and had to add it in. This one is my blog planner.

decorating a FiloFax A5 planner dashboards with 4"x6" printables and washi tape

I've been following one of my favorite mixed media artists, Christy Tomlinson, on Instagram and she started a new account just for planners, @theplannersociety. If you aren't following her, you're missing out on some really YUMMY photos of planners she's put together. I LOVED how she's been taping her printables into her planners and decided, why not, I'm gonna do it too! BTW, I totally ordered a pocket-sized FiloFax after watching her YouTube video. I couldn't resist!

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