Friday Four: Faith Friends

Heather Greenwood is sharing her favorite faith girls and her favorite products from each of them

Last September, I went to The Influence Conference in Indy and finally got to meet some of my faith friends in person. I've met them online and we were already friends but there is something amazing that happens when you finally meet in person... late nights chatting in our room and no sleep. I'm so very blessed by each of these girls and I love supporting their faith based businesses.

The Reset Girl

Heather Greenwood is sharing her favorite faith girls and her favorite products from each of them

Cori made me fall in love with travel notebooks and decorating planners on YouTube and she's a fellow INFP. I'm so blessed by her and to be a part of her planner stylist team. I love that she is open about her faith and even has faith based planner stickers in her shop. She's one of my biggest inspirations and I love her so much. Use code: welove@heathergw for 10% off at

Marine Parents

Heather Greenwood is sharing her favorite faith girls and her favorite products from each of them

April was one of the first Illustrated Faith team members and I have always loved her style of Bible journaling. While I miss having her on the team, she still inspires me so much and love following her on Instagram. I have bought several pouches from her to support their adoption of two boys and love the custom Bible cover I had her make for me. We instantly hit it off when we met and I got her to fall in love with essential oils. We love chatting often and I am forever blessed by her.

I have had several people ask me about my Bible cover and here's what you need to know... April offers ruffled Bible sleeves for *any* size Bible - pricing starts at $30 + shipping and varies based on your Bible dimensions. She does not keep Bible covers stocked in her shop because she wants each one to be unique and custom made for YOU! To get an order started, send an email to you'll receive an auto-response that has all the info to get you started!!! As a fun little gift, each Bible sleeve order comes with a matching fabric tab to clip in your Bible as a way to mark your favorite passage or to keep track of your current reading spot.

The Adopt Shoppe

Heather Greenwood is sharing her favorite faith girls and her favorite products from each of them

I didn't really meet Kate before the conference, I just knew she was April's bestie. I totally fell in LOVE with her when we met. She is such a sweet soul and I love her heart for adoption and that she's also a homeschooling mom. Her designs are beautiful and I never get to snatch up her jewelry when she posts them... I love that they sell out so fast and they go to the people who they are meant to go to. She did give me a necklace at the conference and I treasure it so much. It was definitely meant to be as I deal with anxiety so much. I'm so very blessed by her even if we don't chat much. She inspires me with gorgeous product styling and awesome designs... one day it will be meant to be for me to snatch up another piece of jewelry from her.

Marine Parents and The Adopt Shoppe conspire

Heather Greenwood is sharing her favorite faith girls and her favorite products from each of them

Kate has her designs printed on fabric and then April creates pouches with them... how awesome is that?!?! I just love these two together, true besties and it shows in their collaborations. I was lucky enough to snatch up this pouch with one of my favorite quotes and a yummy fabric combination. I love storing my Faber Castell Big Brush Markers in them for when I'm traveling or to church or events. They use the hashtag #kateandaprilconspire to see their collaborations on Instagram.

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