Workflow Wednesday: Silhouette Software Introduction and Freebies

I'm excited to start a new part of this workflow series and this month I will be sharing tutorials for using the Silhouette die cutting machine and software. I love this machine, it can do so much and has saved me a lot of time and sore fingers the past 1-1/2 years.

It's definitely a luxury but it's been an investment I really don't regret even a tiny bit. I'm really looking forward to sharing a few simple tutorials on how I use my Silhouette Portrait in my weekly pocket scrapbook album. 

Heather Greenwood Designs | Introduction to using the Silhouette Software in your workflow and free studio files

The best part... you don't even have to have a machine to use the software!!! For those who don't have Photoshop and don't want to spend the money even on Photoshop Elements, this is your free option for hybrid scrapbooking. I still think you would love having a machine though.

So to start off this series, I've got some freebies for you!!! These are great for your workflow and I can't wait to dive into this series with you!!! Included in the download are four studio files. Three of them are cut files for pocket scrapbook sized journal cards. 

The other studio file is what I use for planning. It will help you to plan out your page before you print and cut everything. I LOVE using it! You just drag everything into it's spot so you can see ahead of time what it is going to look like all together. ENJOY!!!

Heather Greenwood Designs | Free Silhouette Studio Files for pocket cards and a planner

Silhouette Studio Cut Files and Planner Freebies

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