What Does Art Worship Look Like? Journaling Bible Workflow

Lately I've been using the hashtag #artworship when I'm posting photos of my Art Journaling Bible and I've felt God leading me to share today about what art worship looks like for me.

First, I strongly believe that worship is a response. I can't do this unless I have something to respond to. That means reading the scripture first. It means reading the scripture first thing in the morning when I wake up. It means, reading it again and writing notes or finding something that really strikes me. If I can't find something, I stop and pray and get right with God and read it again. Sometimes I have to read it several times.

Second, I wait until "art time" with my kids. I get them set up and then I set myself up for some fun painting time. I love that this is a part of our day. I love watching them have fun with paints like mama. I pull out my Bible and my Documented Life Project planner. My planner is where I keep my notes. I turn some inspirational music on and read it all again. Right before I start reading I quickly put a coat of gesso along the margins. This gives it time to dry while I'm reading.

Third, I underline the part of scripture that I really want to stand out and highlight it using a brush and my spray ink. This is such a fun way to highlight! I know you're wondering, does it bleed? As my friend Stephanie said, "Yes is bleeds, but so did HE!" Isn't that awesome? I love how God revealed that to her and love that she shared it with us.

Fourth, I use alphabet stamps or stickers for the key points in the margins and write down my main notes. 

Now, here's the thing... my handwriting is messy and scratchy and so is my doodling. That's ok! I'm not focused on making the most beautiful art piece. I'm focused on the experience! I'm crying; I'm happy; I'm singing at the top of my lungs (so are my kids); I'm having fun; I'm feeling convicted; I'm feeling close to God!

THIS is what worship is about... being in the presence of God and all his glory and majesty and responding however that looks like. It's going to be different for everybody. Some will have amazing handwriting, some will have beautiful clean and simple scrapbook style, some will go to town with paint and doodles. 

It means nothing if you aren't in the presence of GOD! 

OK, stepping off the pulpit... 

Lastly, I go to town with my doodles after the paint has dried. This is my favorite part. Mostly it's boxes around the verses I really want to highlight, arrows pointing to them, scallop borders, scratchy doodles. I just let it all go and praise God for such an amazing time with him and how he's spoken to me. It also gives me a chance to read through my notes again and really let it sink in even more.

For this week's response to the message at Wheaton Bible Church, I had fun using paint! I used paint and some of my household texture tools to stamp with. I also used paint through a stencil using a makeup sponge. Since we're talking about community, I of course had to add my little wood veneer potty people from last week's tutorial and I painted them and stamped on some fun textures on them too.

What does your art worship look like? I'm really excited to hear about how you respond to God's word!

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