September 2014 - Week 36 in my weekly pocket scrapbook album

I'm excited to share with you a few things today in addition to my scrapbook page! My weekly pocket scrapbook page is using all scraps from my organizational containers and my mixed media supplies and collaging. It was so fun to get messy, tho, I still kinda miss the ease of digital/hybrid scrapbooking. I need to do this more often, just to play and not hoard all my supplies.

Heather Greenwood Designs | Week 36 2014 weekly pocket scrapbook project | #mixedmedia #pocketscrapbooking #doodles

Like I said on Friday, I added some more layering/collaging to my title card, to add in the orange touches to the predominately pink and aqua color scheme. I also added lots of doodling like usual.


The second thing I wanted to share with you is that I've been invited to join the Silhouette Circle Affiliate Program and already have tons of tutorials coming on Workflow Wednesdays using my Silhouette Portrait cutting machine. I can't wait to share these awesome tutorials with you and to also share my love for my Silhouette Portrait. Like I said last Wednesday, I love that the Silhouette Portrait does everything the Silhouette CAMEO does, only in a much smaller size. Since I use the print and cut feature practically every week and I work in pocket sized pages, I've found that I didn't need the larger format.

They have two really awesome deals going on that are so perfect for your pocket scrapbooking. I will have a tutorial coming on Wednesday using the Silhouette Adhesive Cardstock. (must use code ADHESIVE at checkout for discount to apply)

must use code GREENWOOD at checkout for discount to apply

Also, they have a great deal going on for the Silhouette Portrait, and I'm excited to be sharing with you a mixed media tutorial using the sewable fabric interfacing in the works! I may be a little giddy about this tutorial! I think you'll love it too and can't wait to share it with you!

must use code GREENWOOD at checkout for discount to apply

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