Mixed Media Wall Art - John 3:16

I'm really excited to share this finished wall art with you. Do you remember the Earth Day freebie? Well, this is the finished project that came from creating those journal cards.

Heather Greenwood | Mixed Media Scripture Wall Art - John 3:16

First, I took some old book paper, and added a thin layer of gesso over the top.

Next, I used Mod Podge and tore some tissue paper into pieces and glued them down and added another layer of Mod Podge on top.

To define the colors a bit more, I used my blue and green Gelatos and rubbed them in a bit to make the color pop a bit more. After it dried, I scanned it in to make the background of the 3"x4" journal card with the hearts.

Heather Greenwood | Mixed Media Scripture Wall Art - John 3:16

I then took some more gessoed book paper and some pink and red acrylic paint and painted on the paper... after it dried, I cut it into a big heart and using matte gel medium , I glued it down and put another layer over the top.

Using my Faber-Castell Big Brush Markers , I outlined the heart with both the black marker and the white marker and smeared it before drying.

After that all dried, I did my scanning for the 4"x6" journal card.

Heather Greenwood | Mixed Media Scripture Wall Art - John 3:16

To finish it up, I typed up the verse on white printer paper, cut them out into strips and glued them down with gel medium. Lastly, I outlined the strips to make them pop.

Heather Greenwood | Mixed Media Scripture Wall Art - John 3:16

I really love how it turned out and love seeing it hanging on my wall.

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