Scrapbook Freebie: Earth Day Journal Cards

I've been working on a project for some wall art for my house. I created this background that I thought would be perfect to scan in for a 4"x6" filler card in my scrapbook album. I scanned it in and quickly made a couple 3"x4" cards to match and share with you. I thought it was too perfect for Earth Day which is coming up soon. Enjoy!

Earth Day Journal Cards

Heather Greenwood | Earth Day Journal Cards Printable Freebie
Earth Day Freebie Journal Cards

Happy Easter

This weekend we're getting our garden ready for planting and I can't wait to document the fun of being outside and getting our garden ready. Sunday we will be celebrating Easter and I plan on writing John 3:16 on the mixed media background I created and framing it to hang on my wall. I'll share what it looks like after it's finished and hung up. 

Speaking of Easter, be sure to check out my Easter themed journal card freebies. Have a wonderful weekend! I'll be back on Monday with my Week 15 page. Also, don't forget that I still have the Amy Tangerine Plus One Project Life Mini Kit sweepstakes going on right now through Friday, April 25th.
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