Workflow Wednesday: Photo Printing Options - a list of my four favorites

Where do you print your photos for your weekly scrapbook pages? I get this question often. I've tried several places and finally found the place I like the best.


For me, it's because of the convenience. We go every Monday for groceries, so it fits perfectly into our workflow schedule. I've been really happy with the prints too. It's very rare that we've had any issues. They know us by name now because we're there every week... same bat day, same bat time.

Now, let me say this though, there are other places I really like too. If I'm looking for prints to hang up on my walls, I will choose a professional printer. I've used MPix in the past and have been sooooo very happy with them. I actually want to get a bunch of photos framed and hung in the house now that we're done painting and remodeling. I will likely choose them for those photos.

For hardcover mini albums, I've been really happy with Shutterfly. They have awesome deals all the time and they are so easy to print and my kids love looking through them. I've used them for my Week In The Life and December Daily projects in the past and plan to eventually get my digital 2012 printed in Shutterfly albums.

If Costco wasn't so convenient and I was willing to wait, I would totally choose Persnickity Prints. I've heard they are really amazing and quick. They also have really great options. I'm actually thinking about going back and doing Project Life for past years and I will probably send a huge batch to them to print all at once. I also want to get some of my digital scrapbook pages printed and will go with them, just based on recommendations from 100s of scrapbook friends. 

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