Mixed Media Tutorial - painting with gelatos

I LOVE Faber-Castell Mix & Match Gelatos , I can't even begin to tell you how much I LOVE them! They are one of my mixed media "must-haves". I just can't leave journal cards as-is. I don't know why, but I feel this "need" to mess them up. This week, I decided to paint with the Gelatos. This is super easy, but I know sometimes we just need to be reminded to do it. For the sample cards, I'm using the Amy Tangerine Plus One collection, 12"x12" papers and 6"x6" paper pad, Faber-Castell Mix & Match Gelatos , Faber-Castell Water Brush and American Craft Thickers.

Before I get to the tutorial, I wanted to share with you, that I read your feedback from the FB page earlier this week and it inspired me to start posting mixed media tutorials. Thank you so much for your feedback and your trust in me to write kickin' tutorials for you. I'm super excited as this is a major part of my weekly creative outlet. I'm still learning so many new techniques and am really looking forward to sharing some of them with you. This will be a weekly tutorial on every Friday. I've got it all written out in my editorial calendar for the rest of this year. Unlike the Workflow Wednesday tutorials, I have not specified exactly what technique I'll be writing about each Friday. I want the freedom to explore and be creative and I don't want a list to hinder that creative process for me. On the other hand, if there is a technique you would really like me to share with you, please speak up and let me know. I'd love to share and encourage and inspire you with your desire to learn more techniques for mixed media. Don't be shy!!! Ok, on with the tutorial...

First, I picked out the colors that matched the color scheme for the page I was working on, I then filled up my water brush and squeezed it to get the brush wet. I then brushed over the top of the Gelato stick several times to get the pigment onto the brush. Then I just started brushing on the strip of paper on the top of the card and then I wanted a gradient look with the words "sweet" so the top one used lots of water and little pigment. The middle one had a lighter orange. The bottom "sweet", I used a darker orange.

For the Happy Birthday Card, I did the same thing. I used the water brush to paint the "happy" letters. I then rubbed the Gelatos on the Thickers and used the water brush to blend the two blue/green colors to get the color I wanted. I really like how they look on the Thickers, especially the foam ones. While it was still wet, I took a dry paper towel and pressed down on them to soak up some of the pigment to give it more of a painted look rather than the solid color.

I had fun playing a bit this week with my Gelatos . Have you ever painted with Gelatos ? What's your favorite technique for painting with Gelatos ?

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