Mixed Media Pocket Scrapping Sighting!!!

Last Saturday, I was following my normal routine of uploading layouts to galleries and checking out some of my favorite blogs. I like to check The Pocket Source blog, because they have store reviews on Saturdays and I knew that Sweet Shoppe Designs was going to be reviewed. I loved reading what they had to say and then I saw THIS!!!

I literally SQUEEEED out loud! It was so awesome to see my collaboration with Rubia/Studio Basic Designs in use and well, it's just AWESOME!!! I love how she added some watercoloring to the cards to give it some color. Isn't her little one adorable, too? I just want to eat him up!!! I'm sooo beyond thrilled. The best part is, I contacted Colie after seeing that to tell her how much I LOVED it and I felt this amazing instant bond and friendship with her! This is exactly why I started the blog back up again. I wanted to meet new friends and to inspire and encourage them to give mixed media pocket scrapping a try. I'm completely honored and thrilled that she gave it a try and has fallen so deeply in love with it! You also have to check out her blog, CARDSTOCKOPTION, too, because she's just so awesome and I've seen peeks of some of her projects and seriously, they are YUMMY!!! I can't wait to see more of her creative juices flowing!
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