Week In The Life - 2013

Oh goodness, I know this is 2014, but I finally finished my Week In The Life album. I don't know what took me so long to complete it. I had all the photos printed up and packed them for my trip to ScrapFest. I even filled the whole mini album with all the photos in the order I wanted them. To be honest, all of the last six months of 2013 were a blur. We were just so busy with all the traveling and all the holidays, it just wasn't something I was prepared to complete. So, I had the album on my desk and I would write a little here and there and add a few elements or stickers here and there. I then would go back and add dates and stamps and finally I can say that I've decided it's done enough and put it up on the bookshelf with all the other mini albums. I do really love how it turned out. I found that I had to be really picky about what I was adding to the pages because it was getting too bulky. I think next year I'll use a 3-ring binder like I do with December Daily/Journal Your Christmas. I think I felt pressured by the sewn in pages because I had to fill them all or it would be awkward. I also felt I had to squeeze everything in because I couldn't add more pages. I like the albums, I think they're beautiful. It just wasn't a good fit for me. I needed more freedom with the album.

Here's a look at the full album:

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