Pocket Scrapping Planning for 2014

OK, I'm not quite done with this but wanted to share... I also have a little gift at the end of this post for my hybrid peeps...

So, I'm not one for planning stuff and tend to go with the flow... and I always have good intentions at the beginning of the new year and do really well with a planner for my pocket pages... I always make a planner and am really good at getting the cute quotes in there so I don't forget... but then a few months in my planner gets buried in piles and I just forget to write them down... and then I totally regret it come the following week when I haven't recorded some of the little things and totally forgot them already...

So, here's my planner for 2014... I used Traci's planner printables available at Sweet Shoppe and had chipboard hanging around and one last Cinch wires... I even went through my paper stash and used some of the Hey Kid Collection which was designed by one of my fave digital designers at Sweet Shoppe, and is produced by Pink Paislee and can be found in many scrapbook stores... I totally LOVE this collection, I need to pull it out more often because it's just so perfect for our family and I should just cut down the papers to pocket sizes and add them to my ever growing stash of Project Life cards LOL...

I'm definitely not done with this... I want to throw some paint on it and add some embellishments and stuff to finish it off and make it more "me" but I thought I'd share pictures anyways... plus, I wanted an excuse to post the link to my little gift at the end of this post ;)

So... here are some iPhone pictures (so they aren't the best quality)... and here's where you can pick up Traci's printables...

and lastly... I wanted to share these templates I quickly put together for my hybrid peeps... I don't generally use these since I don't really make my own cards and just use pre-made cards... but this is the layout I use for when I'm printing up journal cards to use in my spreads... you will find templates for 6-3x4 cards, 3-6x4 cards, 2-3x4 & 2-6x4 cards, and 4-3x4 & 1-4x6 cards... they are all on 8"x10" canvases so that you don't have to do borderless printing... Borderless printing tends to increase the size of everything and I always have to trim off edges and sometimes they just aren't edges I want to cut off... I also don't necessarily want to print up every card on the pdf files, so this is the system I've come up with for printing only what I need and the size I need them to be... I think I might actually enjoy having these templates now, and might go ahead and design some of my own cards using the yummy papers and elements my favorite designers :)

I do ask one thing of you, please don't share the direct link to the download, instead share the address to my blog, I don't want to have to remove the link and would love for many to enjoy this gift... thank you and enjoy.

Hybrid Journal Card Print Templates - Download HERE

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DISCLAIMER: As a creative team member for the aforementioned designers, I have received their products for free in return for creating and posting projects (digital layouts, hybrids projects, etc). Some but not all of the layouts you see here were done as requirements for these CTs, please be advised that the product used was indeed received for free if I am on the designer's creative team. Any additional advertising that I may do for them or for the stores with which they are affiliated is purely out of my dedication to these designers and the wish to see their business succeed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.



  1. i never work with black and gray to put anything in my life,, i want to make my own calendar but i dont know how to start,, can you do video to show me how,, thank for free one and god bless you , jean