A Week In The Life - July 27

Here's Wednesday's spread...

When You Smile: Bundle by Jenn Barrette
Boys Club by Kristin Cronin-Barrow and Penny Springmann (alpha)
Blissful Stitching: Straight by Traci Reed
10,080 Minutes 12x24 templates by Traci Reed
DJB Me and My Shadow by Darcy Baldwin
DJB Me and My Shadow Light by Darcy Baldwin
DJB Writes A Lot by Darcy Baldwin
Scrap with Style: Frame It by Misty Cato

Journaling reads:
Our day started out really rainy and stormy, so we got out some games and played them. We also got out the crayons and coloring books for the kids to color. Asher was pretty fussy, I think the storms didn’t help. Isaac was definitely not feeling well so we just waited until the office was open so that we could make his appt. We found a pediatrician not far from us so we got an appt for early afternoon. It was kind of hard being stuck inside all morning. It stopped raining early afternoon and we headed to Isaac’s appt and Moriah stayed at the cabin with Grandpa and Grandma. On our drive to the dr we saw a deer run across the road in front of us. I had my camera in hand but it was too quick for me to take a picture. Isaac did awesome at his appointment. He’s such a good kid. He had an ear infection just like we suspected, so we had to figure out what antibiotic would work for him and decided we should really get him to an ENT dr when we get back since he’s had so many ear infections this year. While we were waiting for his RX to be filled we did a little bit of shopping in town. Isaac was so excited that they had a “truck” shopping cart, so he “drove” us around the store picking up all the things we needed. Asher fell asleep in the van on the way to Walgreens and Isaac also fell asleep on the way back to the cabin. It was pretty late by the time we got back but we found Moriah playing UNO with Grandpa and she won three times. After dinner we went to Cathy’s for ice cream. It was so yummy and we had such a great time. After the kids went to bed I went outside with the laptop. We accidentally woke up Asher when we went to bed and it took him awhile to go back to sleep so we could go to bed ourselves. We're tired!



  1. Love your WITL series - it's going to be so special! (and love that you got the nursing photo! I only have a couple from Connor..and 1 from Aiden (the day we finally had to stop). I wish we'd gotten more).

  2. You are doing so great with this project!