A Week In The Life - July 28

Here's Thursday's spread... wedding day!!! My favorite photo of the day is the one of our toesies!

Rocky Shores by Misty Cato
Scrap with Styles: Frame It by Misty Cato
Date Bits 34 by Misty Cato
10,080 Minutes 12x24 templates by Traci Reed
DJB Me and My Shadow by Darcy Baldwin
DJB Me and My Shadow Light by Darcy Baldwin
DJB Writes A Lot by Darcy Baldwin

Journaling reads:
Today is wedding day for the Greenwood family. Mark’s 2nd cousin Caiti is getting married on a little island on the lake. We’re all so excited. I took the kids to the pharmacy because I wanted to paint my nails and I thought it would be fun for Moriah to have her nails painted too. She picked out a really pretty plum color and I grabbed an orange. I almost grabbed the brown but decided it would be fun to have some color on my toes. Isaac really wanted a green one they had there, but I knew Mark would not allow that so I told him I’d paint his toes orange like mama, and went and grabbed some stickers for him. We had a great time painting our nails. Isaac really wanted his fingernails painted orange too but we weren't too keen on that, so I was able to convince him to have clear nail polish on his fingers. We had an early lunch because we had to be at the docks by noon to start heading over to the island. We had a nice leisure pontoon ride to the island and we saw quite a few bald eagles on the way. I’d never been to the island so I was really excited to see what all the excitement was about. We were the first to arrive except for the few who were guarding the island to make sure we were able to have it for the wedding. The wedding was absolutely beautiful even though it was nothing like it had been planned. The pastor went to the wrong resort so Mark Hiller had to wing it. Thank goodness they were technically already married otherwise I don’t think it would have been as much fun as it was. Coming back to the resort after the wedding we saw several more bald eagles. We then went out to dinner for the reception and the kids were running around everywhere, oye. After dinner we came back to the cabins and went to the beach for the cupcake and champagne reception. The cupcakes were so yummy but we could only eat half of one, they were HUGE!!! After the kids went to bed, I went back to the beach and hung out with everyone. We talked about how hard it is with little ones and shared some funny stories. For some reason the propane tank was leaking gas and we could smell it on the beach and that’s when I went back to the cabin. Nobody could sleep. It was too HOT and HUMID!!!



  1. Great layout & I love the journaling, such a great story to share