A Week In The Life - July 26

We just got back from having a great time at playgroup... I was a bad scrapbooker and took no pictures... but I loved catching up with some friends instead of taking pictures. I'm excited to share with you Tuesday's spread from our "Week In The Life".

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Journaling reads:
We all got up about 6:30 for the day. While eating breakfast Isaac started singing “deep and wide”. It was too cute. Grandma took out Old Maid and taught Moriah how to play it. We decided to take it easy today and go to the handicapped trail for a nice little hike. We took the Aspen trail and then did the nature trail with everyone walking instead of riding in the stroller. Asher took a really nice nap again in the Ergo. When we got back we all played at the playground for a little while. Since the kids were all still coughing we decided to have an early lunch and get them down for an early nap. We made Moriah rest on the couch for an hour. I went out and checked my email. The battery only lasted an hour again. After that I went down to the beach to take some pictures of the beach and dock. After naptime Isaac chose to go back to the playground. Grandma took Moriah to the beach even though she wasn’t allowed to play because of sad choices, so she was only allowed to swing. We came back for dinner and were planning to go out for ice cream, but since Isaac didn’t eat any of his chicken we decided that they couldn’t have ice cream. We are pretty sure Isaac has an ear infection so we’ll be finding a doctor in the morning to have his ears checked. He’s been really crabby and not himself this evening. We tried to get the kids to bed early but they wouldn’t sleep and Isaac ended up getting his toys taken away. Mark and I watched NCIS: Los Angeles and House Hunters, which was SOOO FUNNY!



  1. Can I say how much I LOVE your dropshadows?! Especially for your photos and paper pieces! (I especially love that shot of you on your lappie!) :) Asher is such a nommy, chunky lil sweetheart (yes, isn't it obvious how much I'd love to nibble on him?) and oh heck, you make such purdy bebbies ♥