A Week In The Life - July 25

Here is my Monday spread... I LOVE this template with the bracket shaped large photo on the left side and the matching bracket on the right side for journaling!

10,080 Minutes 12x24 templates by Traci Reed
DJB Me and My Shadow by Darcy Baldwin
DJB Me and My Shadow Light by Darcy Baldwin
DJB Writes A Lot by Darcy Baldwin
Scrap with Style: Frame It by Misty Cato
Happy Camper by Dani Mogstad and MandaBean (retired)

journaling reads:
We made a deal at the beginning of the week that we would go hiking every day that we were on vacation. Since it didn’t happen on Sunday, we decided we would make up for it on Monday and go for a really long hike. I was thinking 5-6 miles. However, I did not expect that Mark would pick a trail that hadn’t been traveled much. The trail was hard to see because the grass was so high. There was a sign at the beginning that said it wasn’t maintained at all, that should have been our first clue as too how hard it was going to be. We totally missed the part that said it was an “intermediate” trail, with two steep hills... all we looked at was how far the trails were. We decided we would do the red trail which was 5.5 miles. Well, we decided to cut to a shorter trail and ended up only doing 4.5 miles. The 2 steep hills were CRAZY!!! I thought I was in really good shape since I can run 6 miles w/o stopping, but this trail proved me wrong LOL. My body was hurting. It was also the first time I wore Asher on my back. I was surprised at how much he loved it and he took a nice long nap there. Isaac and Moriah got kind of bored towards the end and Mark was working up a sweat pushing the two of them in our stroller... but we were so thankful for the Mountain Buggy, there was no way we could hike the trail with a normal stroller. Afterward we went to Wal-Mart to grab some supplies we needed and grab a snack to refuel after our major workout. It was the first time we’d seen the renovated store. It was really nice. On our way back we saw 3 baby deer and a mama deer. After lunch the boys went down for a nap and Moriah and I went to the SuperValue and bought taco stuff for dinner. When we got back I tried to take a nap because I was so sore and my head hurt. We then went to the beach, Isaac refused to go in the water but Moriah had a blast swimming in the lake. For dinner I made tacos. They were yummy! After the kids went to bed I took Mark’s laptop outside and chatted with a few friends on YIM. The battery died while chatting with Traci, so I watched some TV and then went to bed & Asher woke up a few times.



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