A Week In The Life - July 23-24

YAY!!! I'm so excited to share these with you. We had such a great time on vacation and these layouts were so fun to put together. I had decided in the middle of the week that I was going to add the weekend to my week. That meant that I didn't have very many pictures or journaling so I decided to combine the days. This turned out perfectly since I had 7 templates from Traci's pack and I was going to end on the following Saturday when we got home. So, with that said, here is my first layout for Week In The Life.

10,080 Minutes 12x12 templates by Traci Reed
10,080 Minutes Frame Stamps by Traci Reed (Sunday wordart)
10,080 Minutes DOTW stamps by Traci Reed
Everyday by Sweet Shoppe Designs
DJB Me and My Shadow by Darcy Baldwin
DJB Me and My Shadow Light by Darcy Baldwin
DJB Writes A Lot by Darcy Baldwin
Scrap with Style: Frame It by Misty Cato

Journaling reads:
Well, we are off for a week of vacation. I can’t wait to get up to Wisconsin and get all settled in to our cabin. We decided this year we would take a different route up and meet up with Rebecca and her family. I’m so excited to see them. We always have so much fun with them. We had great intentions to get out of the house early, but we ended up leaving a little bit later than I had hoped. That meant meeting for lunch at noon instead of 11:00 like I had hoped. This drive was so much easier than our normal way. I was surprised considering we missed the bypass and ended up going through Milwaukee instead of around. I didn’t realize how congested Madison is. We had to call Rebecca to get new directions since we missed the bypass. It was easy and I actually really enjoyed the view of Milwaukee. We saw Miller Park, the State Fair Park and the US Olympic Training Facility. Right around noon we arrived in Appleton at Fuddruckers for lunch with Rebecca and her family. We talked about the usual stuff like homeschooling and of course scrapping and Sweet Shoppe Designs. We seriously could have spent all day with them and 2 hours went by super fast. Moriah tripped and hurt her knew on a rock while getting ready to take a pic, so that’s why she isn’t in the picture and it was just the mamas and the boys. After saying our goodbyes we stopped at Target to get some coloring books, crayons and bandaids. The rest of the ride up to St. Germain was super easy. Asher slept for 3 hours and Isaac took a little nap. I was able to get some reading done and got about halfway through Radical by David Platt. We got settled in to the cabin and had dinner and then went to bed. The kids were too excited to sleep that night and we had to bribe them to sleep.
Sunday morning was nice and calm on the beach. Moriah was running around the cabin and knocked the toaster off the counter and broke it. Less than 24 hours at the cabin and something was already broken and needed to be replaced LOL. We decided she needed to pay for the new one so we decided that she needed to set and clear the table for lunch and dinner everyday to pay for it. We missed church because of the kids having colds so Mark led a little devotional on the 10 Commandments and sang a few songs. We then went grocery shopping for the week. I don’t know why grocery shopping stresses me out so much but we bought stuff for breakfast and lunches. While the boys napped Mark and Moriah went back to the grocery store to get some celery. I joined the boys for a nap. After naps we all went to the beach to play and I talked to Kim about our cameras. Bedtime we read Mike Mulligan and the steam shovel. In the evening I looked at the Five In A Row book while Mark watched Top Gear. We all slept better.



  1. It's SO awesome everytime I see digifriends meet up! How cool that this happened right at WITL! :D I love your layout (DUH) and glad to hear the trip wasn't too arduous :)

  2. Pages look great! I love the word art you used for Saturday!

  3. These look fab Heather! I love your scrappy style :)

  4. girl, that is FABULOUS. love, love, love.

  5. Just lovely Heather...and great journaling too :)