Art Journal Bible Tutorial: The Importance of Journaling

Well, I've been sick and in bed most of this week or out of the house for appts or homeschool coop. I'm not really even sick sick, just allergies have killed me this year. This means, I haven't had much time for getting painty messy or even putting together a tutorial, but I wanted to share they importance of still being in the word and journaling even when you're in bed with a frog in your throat.
My kids think it's funny that I have no voice and the little one is totally confused thinking I really actually have a frog in my throat, LOL. I could feel it coming on Sunday night, and Monday morning it hit me hard... but I really wanted to have something to go along with what I had shared in my feature on Shanna's blog.

Heather Greenwood Designs | why I think journaling is so important in my art journal Bible, it's not just about the art. #illustratedfaith #artjournalingbible #artworship

I real quick cut out the journal card from my freebie printable and some under-painted deli paper from another tutorial I was working on. I glued them in my Bible, added some journaling lines and sat down on the floor next to the sliding glass door with my camera and a pen.


That's it, that's all I needed. I just needed to "Be Still..." and listen and I just started writing what he put on my heart. I literally just put pen to paper and he told me what was on his heart in regards to the Matthew 28 passage and all the changes in my life this past year.

Heather Greenwood Designs | why I think journaling is so important in my art journal Bible, it's not just about the art. #illustratedfaith #artjournalingbible #artworship

This is what I hope and pray for you. I know it's easy to get hung up in the art, I confess that I do it too. I get frustrated when the art doesn't look right or I start comparing to everyone else. That's not what he wants when I sit down with my pen in hand. He wants US, he wants our attention...


That's what I got out of this quick 15 minutes before I sent the photo off to Shanna and went back to bed.

This is my challenge to you... just sit in a comfy chair with your Bible open and ask God to speak to you... then write down what he's telling you. I can't wait to hear what he's telling you!!!

btw, this is what the freebie printable looks like, be sure to head over to Shanna's blog to grab it if you like :)

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