This Tool Is Collecting Dust On My Desk And I Wish It Wasn't

I confess... I'm scared! I know that I need to totally unplug from using my mouse and start using this bad boy! I know that my right hand and wrist will thank me for it! I know I will totally LOVE it once I get used to it.

It's just that I've used a mouse for years and years and CHANGE IS HARD!!! I need some cheerleading, will you cheer me on and keep me accountable to give it a try? I could really use it right now and I'm starting to feel guilty that it's sitting next to my mouse collecting dust. There are so many things I want to do with it, like design and stuff. Will you help me get over this fear of change?

btw, I don't have any affiliate with Monoprice... I paid for this out of my own pocket one day when I had some spending money and my wrist was really bothering me.

Heather Greenwood | My Graphic Drawing Tool Is Collecting Dust

At least it's out of the box, right? I know it's working because we tested it...

My design mojo was much higher than it is right now. I was in the middle of taking the Life Scripted class at Studio Calico and thinking how fun it would be to create digital doodles. I tried with my mouse and was totally not happy with it. It was an impulse buy, but it's one I really really really want to use.

I feel so guilty that it's just sitting here collecting dust. I feel like staring at the Nike ads and telling myself to JUST DO IT!

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