Quick Lightroom Tutorial: using Quick Collections

This Lightroom tutorial is really "quick" but it's important for later on in our process of editing and printing our photos for the week. I didn't want to skip this step just because it's so easy, but it's going to be very important when it comes to preparing our photos for printing.

Are you ready? After we've found all our photos from the week using the metadata filter, you're going to see all those photos on your screen as well as on the bottom of your screen.

Lightroom Tutorial: using Quick Collections

  • Click on one of the photos and you'll still all the photos at the bottom, but only one photo on your screen.

Lightroom Tutorial: using Quick Collections

  • When you find a photo you want to edit and print, press the letter "b" on your keyboard. You'll see a quick message that says it's been added to "quick collections" and that's it. You'll go through all your photos from the week and add the ones you want to the "quick collections" folder. 

  • If you press "b" again on a photo you already added to the quick collections folder, it will remove the photo from the folder. I often do this when I'm starting to plan out my spread and need to reconsider how many photos I have for the week.

  • Another option: If you scroll through the row of photos in the bottom bin, you will see a little grey circle in the upper right hand corner of each thumbnail. If you click on it, it will send the photo in or out of your "quick collection" folder.

  • In the upper left hand side, under the thumbnail version of the photo, you'll find the "quick collection" folder, click on that and you'll see all the photos you wanted to work with.

Lightroom Tutorial: using Quick Collections

That's it, easy peasy! Next week, I will share some quick editing tips and a list of some of my favorite Lightroom presets.
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