Art Journal: I Choose Happy

Yes, yes I do! I sometimes really need to remind myself of this, actually pretty often. It's sad, but true. I am blessed beyond measure and I have the choice every day and every second how I want to live my day. Why I choose otherwise, I'm just not sure. I really need to print this and frame it and remind myself of this every single day, 24/7.

Heather Greenwood | Mixed Media Art Journal Template | Captivated Visions | I Choose Happy | Art Therapy
Artified: I See You by Captivated Visions
Artful Intentions: Sunshine In My Soul [Value Bundle] By Captivated Visions

Rachel (Captivated Visions) has a new set of templates today. I will share my other page on Tuesday. I love these because she just makes art journal backgrounds so easy. I just clip a bunch of papers to each layer and VIOLA! I did alter it a little bit and removed the frame and it's shadow, but I love still clipping paper to the photo mask for additional texture.
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