Art Journal: I Choose Happy

Yes, yes I do! I sometimes really need to remind myself of this, actually pretty often. It's sad, but true. I am blessed beyond measure and I have the choice every day and every second how I want to live my day. Why I choose otherwise, I'm just not sure. I really need to print this and frame it and remind myself of this every single day, 24/7.

Heather Greenwood | Mixed Media Art Journal Template | Captivated Visions | I Choose Happy | Art Therapy
Artified: I See You by Captivated Visions
Artful Intentions: Sunshine In My Soul [Value Bundle] By Captivated Visions

Rachel (Captivated Visions) has a new set of templates today. I will share my other page on Tuesday. I love these because she just makes art journal backgrounds so easy. I just clip a bunch of papers to each layer and VIOLA! I did alter it a little bit and removed the frame and it's shadow, but I love still clipping paper to the photo mask for additional texture.
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  2. Hey fellow art enthusiasts! I stumbled upon this incredible collection of streamline images on Depositphotos that I believe can elevate our art journaling experiences. The link leads to a treasure trove of visuals, perfect for expressing the joy and positivity discussed in this thread about choosing happiness. As we immerse ourselves in creative endeavors, these streamline images can add a unique touch to our projects, capturing the essence of simplicity and joy. Take a moment to explore the link and envision how these visuals might complement your art journaling journey. Let's continue spreading positivity through our art! Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas on incorporating streamlined elements into our art journals. Looking forward to seeing how this resource inspires your creativity!


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