How do you capture your photos each week?

Welcome back to another addition to Workflow Wednesday! I sat down with a calendar and planned this whole series through the end of the year! I'm really excited about sharing my workflow with you through the year starting with taking the photos all the way to how to photograph your layouts and save for web for posting to the galleries and your own blogs!

So, let's get started from the beginning, the photos! Last week I shared my routine with you and the first part was to gather all our photos from each of our cameras and make sure they've been uploaded to the desktop. We use my Nikon D50 (my big and "old" baby) with my favorite lens, a 50mm f1.4 prime lens. When we are out and about or don't have the big girl camera with us, we use my iPhone 4 and Mark's Android. 

I use Lightroom to edit all of our photos. I find it so fast and easy and love the sync options. I don't know Lightroom's fullest potential but I am enjoying the learning process and falling more in love with it the more I learn.

We use the Dropbox app on our phones and think it's awesome for transferring our photos to the desktop for editing and printing.

My iPhone doesn't take the greatest photos, so I use a few apps to take and edit the photos before sending them through Dropbox to my desktop.

I've had Camera+ for a long time and it is my default photo taking app. I love the quality of the photos and how you can adjust the exposure and focus area. I like some of the filters, but prefer PicTapGo or VSCOcam for editing.

I am seriously in LOVE with PicTapGo's filters. I love that you can adjust each of the filters' strengths and you can save your recipes to make editing even faster.

This is a newer app for me that I recently downloaded and I'm still trying it out. So far I'm really loving the adjustments you can make to your photo and haven't bought any of the presets! I find this to be best for making clean edits which I totally love for my projects!

What are your go-to cameras for your everyday photos? What apps or software do you use for editing your photos.
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