Believe - Taking A Chance On Myself

This one also had to do with the blog and why I'm feeling called to a blogging ministry. It's been a ton of fun working on it and getting all my ideas down and writing. I've always had really low self-esteem when it comes to my art. I often question God a lot when I feel a calling from him. It sometimes takes years to take away the fear and anxiety of doing what he wants me to do. I remember asking God why he called us to homeschool. It took me 5 years to finally figure out why. For years I've had a love of helping my peers see things in a different light. I remember getting in trouble in math class when I would help my friends do a problem differently than what was instructed in the class. Of course, I was a goody two shoes kinda girl and started crying every time I got in trouble and then I'd get in more trouble. Again, another way of God preparing me to teach my own kids.

Artified: Complicated By Captivated Visions
Believe In Beautiful [Mixed Media Kit] By Captivated Visions

So, I've always kind of felt like I wasn't good enough for blogging or even doing art. The last few years I've really been able to "Let Go and Let GOD" and he's shown me that he made me an artist and I need to stop fighting it. He made me to see things differently than the "norm", though what is the "norm" anyways? That's another topic for another day and I can't wait to share with you about my feelings about that. But today, I want to share this second art journal page I created with Rachel's new templates.

Again, I took out the photo frame and clipped papers to the layers and then added stamps the title. I really love the texture of this. There is meaning to what I chose for the papers. Poppies are a symbol of "remembrance" and I thought it was fitting for this page. I want to remember all those little preparations God gave me as a kid and I want to remember who he made me to be, so I can do His will.

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