Scrappin' Saturday - 11/10

I've been terrible at keeping up with this post since the school year started but I wanted to get back into it since I know some people who look here aren't on FB and this is the only way I can share them... I've noticed that now that I do Project Life I've been doing a lot more scrap therapy and all about me type pages... not in vain but just because it's cathartic for me to journal and be artistic at the same time!

So here are my layouts besides Project Life that I've done this week...

This one is my favorite LOTW (layout of the week), created for the art musings prompt #1 - looking at the stars at The Lilypad

Krafty Mess Papers by Michelle Godin
Look Up - Art Journal Mini by Michelle Godin
Snarky Snippets: Winter by Michelle Godin
Gratitude Journals DSD Freebie by Michelle Godin
Falling Leaves by Sahlin Studio
Petals no.4 {mixed media} by Sara Gleason
Stargazer {confetti} by Sara Gleason
Bloomin' Twisted by Kim Jensen
Bloomin' Potpourri DSD Freebie by Kim Jensen
messy marvin vol. 3 by Amy Wolff
Messy Edges DSD Freebie by Amy Wolff
Love Me Tender | Elements by Pink Reptile Designs 
Sprinkles V.9 by Valorie Wibbens
Teeny Type Too by CD Muckosky

This one was created for the Digital Art Journaling course I'm taking at Jessica Sprague... journaling prompt #2
It's A Me Thing by One Story Down
Grunge Stamps Vol 2 - Overlay Pack by Sissy Sparrows
Grunge Stamps Vol 1 - Overlay Pack by Sissy Sparrows
Beautifully Different - Alpha Pack by Sissy Sparrows
Paint Can Borders Vol 1 - Overlay Pack by Sissy Sparrows
Butterfly fly Away by Paula Kesselring
Just Another Alpha by Paula Kesselring
Blue Jeans Elements by Paula Kesselring
Tattered Doilys by Lauren Reid
Gesso Jar v1 by Lauren Reid
Fonts: junko-typewriter

This one was created for Day 1 of Traci Reed's Hardcore Gratitude eclass going on right now on her website.
All Stacked Up [Paper Snippets Vol 02] PU/CU by Captivated Visions
Captivating 2012: OCT [Kit] by Captivated Visions
Captivating 2012: NOV [Kit] by Captivated Visions
Everyone Has A Story [Kit] by Captivated Visions
Wiser, Not Older!! [Overlays] by Captivated Visions
Wiser, Not Older!! [Kit] by Captivated Visions
Wiser, Not Older!! [Stamps] by Captivated Visions
From My Journal: Limed Spruce [Stamps] by Captivated Visions
From My Journal: Celeste [Stamps] by Captivated Visions
Fonts: Oldtypewriter,Byron

Always Remember Papers by Michelle Godin
Always Remember Elements by Michelle Godin
Bold Strokes {Papers and Overlays} by Michelle Godin
Teeny Tiny Alphas by Michelle Godin
Vintage Ransom Alpha by Michelle Godin
Map it Out Alpha by Mari Koegelenberg
Disaster Space 3 by Lauren Grier
November 2012 Template Challenge Freebie by Amy Martin
The Dry Ribbon by Heather Hess

Spooky-ooky Kit by Amy Jaz
Templates: Shaped Up - Triangles Mini by Amy Martin
Brush Bonanza by Pink Reptile Designs
Experiment No.1 by Pink Reptile Designs
The Dry Ribbon by Heather Hess

I created this one for the one word challenge over DSD (digital scrapbook day) about how Sweet Shoppe Designs isn't the same after the passing of Eva Kipler, one of the designers there and one of my first creative teams.
Wish You Were Here by Studio Basic Designs
Adorable You Two Templates #2 by Studio Basic Designs
DJB Fonts: I Love Me Some Heather by Darcy Baldwin

DSD Cookie Challenge Template by SeattleSheri
Sassy Pants by Traci Reed and Erica Zane
DJB Fonts: Snarky Bess (Euro) by Darcy Baldwin

I created this one as my assignment #2 for the Digital Art Journaling course at Jessica Sprague... they'res 30 layers of paint on this one LOL
Paint Washed Alpha by Kristin Cronin-Barrow
Fancy Nancy Font by Darcy Baldwin and Janet Phillips