Happy Birthday Freebie Printable - Choose Grace

Every year I love to give a freebie on my birthday. I had designed these to put up in my Etsy shop about a month ago before I injured my back. I never got to put them up and decided to give them as a freebie today. 

One thing I've learned through the past year since my health scare is to "choose grace". It's the only reason I've been able to stick to losing weight and becoming healthy. Giving myself grace when I make a sad choice, rather than giving up has become my new motto. Enjoy!

"Choose Grace" printable 3"x4" and 4"x4" freebies by Heather Greenwood Designs

PS. I have created it in several sizes... the download includes two-3"x4" cards and one-4"x4" card on a letter sized printable. I will be putting other sizes up in the shop as time allows after I've recovered and can spend more time at my computer. 

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