Mixed Media Creative Planning | August 2015 - Full Month

I'm having a blast being creative in my planner. I'm loving this system of stamping stickers and collecting stickers to use from my favorite sticker girl, Cori of The Reset Girl. I'm also attending the Daydream Event this month and got a goody envelope of some stickers and was so excited to use them this month to mark the dates for the event.

mixed media creative planner - August 2015 full month decorating

I'm super close to reaching my weight goal and some of Cori's stickers were just too perfect for marking when I finish the 21 Day Fix Extreme. Then I plan on starting CIZE and hopefully reach my weight goal by the end of the month and start making fitness goals. Cori also has some fun faith-based stickers and they are just perfect to add to my stash of Illustrated Faith/Bella Blvd stickers. I plan on constantly reminding myself to include my faith on every page!!! I can't wait to fill this up more all month. It would be interesting to compare the beginning of the month with the rest of the month :)

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