Another Crafty Date With The Hubby

I just wanted to share another fun date hubby and I went on last month. It actually was a whole day event and lots of fun. We went out to lunch at one of our favorite lunch restaurants and then went over to the Express Yourself Art Barn and painted pottery together. We used glazes instead of the normal colorful paints so we couldn't tell how it was going to turn out until we picked them up.

Date Night pottery glazing at the Art Barn in Fennville, MI

After we were done painting our pieces we went out to dinner at one of our favorite dinner restaurants, then we hung out in town by the pier and browsed the art stores that were still open. Apparently, most stores close at dinner time. It was such a fun day of goods eats, lots of laughs and fun creativity. We loved it so much we're going pottery painting locally this month!

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