Why I Can't Wait For Truth Scrap - It's not about ME!

Today is the last day to get any kind of discount on the registration for Truth Scrap and I wanted to post not just about my own class, but the reasons I can't wait to take the other six classes being offered. While, I'm excited for you to hear my story and my process, I'm all about learning new things and can't wait to learn from these six AMAZING artists of faith.

Truth Scrap 2015 - Last chance to register

Stephanie Ackerman - Hope Notes: Creating and Sharing Messages of Faith

Truth Scrap 2015 | Hope Notes: Creating ad Sharing Messages of Faith with Stephanie Ackerman

I LOVE Stephanie, she's so down to earth and very open about her faith. She's truly been an inspiration to me. I am so excited about creating little inspirational cards to share with my friends and maybe keep a set for myself for when I need a little reminder of God's AMAZING grace. I have a feeling I'm going to need to carry these notes around with me all the time. With Stephanie's signature artwork I'm beyond thrilled and can't wait!

Erin Bassett - Faithbooking: How (and Why) to Share Your Faith in Your Scrapbook

Truth Scrap 2015 | Faithbooking: How (and Why) to Share Your Faith in Your Scrapbooks with Erin Bassett

I have to admit that I don't really share my faith in my scrapbook albums, and just share the memories. This is why I'm so excited about this class. This will help me to rethink my albums so that when they are passed down through generations I'll still be sharing my faith. I'm so excited to learn how I can incorporate my faith into my scrapbook albums!

Andrea Chebeleu - Words to Live By: A Handmade Art Journal

Truth Scrap 2015 | Words to Live By: A Handmade Art Journal with Andrea Chebeleu

I LOVE art journaling and I will admit that I still have lots to learn and I can't wait to learn some new techniques, especially about lettering! I am so intimidated with handwriting and mark making and can't wait to make this little 6"x6" art journal!

Liz Hicks - The Art of Being Human: A Creative Exploration of Our Basic Being and Purpose

Truth Scrap 2015 | The Art of Being Huma: A Creative Exploration of Our Basic Being and Purpose with Liz Hicks

I mentally and emotionally really need this class! I'm excited to create a canvas for my walls, but mostly I'm excited about exploring my purpose in this world and creating a piece of art that shows that purpose. This past year has been such a huge roller coaster for me emotionally and mentally and can't wait to be inspired by Liz.

Shanna Noel - Illuminated Manuscripts: Illustrating Your Journaling Bible

Truth Scrap 2015 | Illuminated Manuscripts: Illustrating Your Journaling Bible with Shanna Noel

I shared with you yesterday how excited I am about this class. Shanna has become a dear friend to me this past year and it's because of her sharing her Bible on Instagram and her blog that I had that lightbulb moment this year that I can actually do my art journaling and doodles actually IN my Bible. I can't wait to watch and hear her process and be continually inspired by her.

Donna Salazar - Cross-Ology: Art and Heart for the Home

Truth Scrap 2015 | Cross-Ology: Art and Heart for the Home with Donna Salazar

I have been a HUGE fan of Donna Salazar's designs for years and am super giddy about this class! For years we've been working on renovating our fixer-upper of a house and only recently have been given the thumbs up to start decorating. I want to show my faith in my home decorations and am slowly doing that, but would LOVE to add more crosses to my walls. Like she says, they are so expensive to buy and I would love to be able to make my own. I am totally looking forward to making some and hanging them on my walls in my home.

I'm sharing my excitement for these other classes because today is the last day to save on Truth Scrap registration! I've been sharing about my class and haven't been sharing about the other amazing classes and wanted to show you how much you get for less than $20 per class that you have forever access to and also get exclusive freebies.

You can save $40 off the registration by using the code LASTCHANCE at checkout. This code and discount is the very last discount being offered and it will expire tonight, January 16th at midnight! You don't want to miss this!

I also wanted to share something with you that's been on my heart. When Lain asked me to be an instructor, I was scared, totally had a panic attack. I was like "Woah, Really God, why me?". What's funny is even though I'm supposed to be a teacher, I'm the one who was taught. I've learned a lot in the last two months of preparing for this class. I've found who God created me to be! I've been so lost this year after 17 years singing on the worship team. The church decided to make some changes to the worship team and I will forever be grateful for the kick in the butt I needed to finally obey God's whispers. Putting together the class was totally out of my comfort zone, but I grew in my faith bigger than ever and had FUN! It's made me see that God gave me a heart to teach. It's totally why I'm rebranding my blog and will be less about scrapbooking and more about mixed media art and teaching. I can't wait to share this year with you and share what God's been whispering recently!

Lastly, I've been praying for you, my readers, the last two months and I hope to see you there at Truth Scrap! My hubby is taking the kids out of the house for the day so I can enjoy a fun retreat in my own home with hopefully you! I can't wait, it's only two weeks away!!!

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