Mixed Media Valentine Home Decor: Isn't She Love-ly?

One of the things that brings me great joy is taking classes and workshops. I love teaching but I also love learning. This year not only will I be teaching, but I will be learning too. I have signed up for some classes and I am already totally in LOVE with them. One of them is Christy Tomlinson's monthly Art Society. I started in December because I fell in LOVE with her project.

Mixed Media Valentine Home Decor | LOVE | Heather Greenwood's class project for Christy Tomlinson's Art Society December 2014

Since I was so busy with the holidays and Truth Scrap recording, I didn't have a chance to create it until this past weekend. I figured since Christmas is past, I would make one for Valentine's day. One of my goals this year is to create an art wall in my house and wanted to focus on the fruits of the spirit. So, why not start with the greatest of them all, LOVE!

Looking at the photos makes me think I need to add that stick and hang the dress to add some contrast between the background and the dress. Maybe one day. :)

Mixed Media Valentine Home Decor | LOVE | Heather Greenwood's class project for Christy Tomlinson's Art Society December 2014

I totally LOVE (pun totally intended) this project and how it turned out. I've learned so much about different mediums, glazing, and playing with paper clay. I can't wait to get started on January's project with learning felting and mark making. The hoop She Art - One Little Word girls are so stinkin' adorable. I can't wait to dig through my ginormous box of fabrics!

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