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Truth Scrap Art Worship Art Journal Sneak Peek | Note From Lain
Hey, my sweet-
As a professional scrapbooker and business owner for the past
decade, I've heard just about every reason for not crafting, not
sharing our creations, for not letting ourselves be vulnerable.
But the one that breaks my heart is this...
"I'm scared I'm not good enough."
When a woman looks at me with longing in her eyes and shares her
fears of inadequacy with regard to her artwork or creativity, I
just want to climb right into her brain and remove the thoughts
that have somehow gotten distorted to the point where she thinks
creativity is some kind of contest or race.

It's this false belief that we are going to be measured and found
lacking that keeps so many of us from sharing our heart.
We worry we'll choose the wrong colors.
We worry our page will get messed up.
We worry that our creation won't be as good as someone else's --
particularly the "professionals."
We worry that people will judge us.
We worry we'll do it "wrong."
We worry that WE are wrong.
UGH. Once we get on that escalator of self-doubt, it only goes in
one direction - down.
And let me tell you right now that down is NOT the direction that
God intended you for! God intended you to take your love for Him
and your love for creating and to use them to glorify Him and to
inspire others.
(And unfortunately you're not very inspirational if you are scared
to open your sketchbook and put your pencil to the page.)
I know - it's really easy for me to sit here and type these words.
After all, I'm a "professional." But you know what? Once upon a
time I felt the same hesitations and fears as you do. I worried
about the products. I worried about the results. I worried about
what others thought about my work. Until I got so sick of worrying
that I begged God to show me a different way. And He did.
Truth Scrap Art Worship Art Journal Sneak Peek | Note From Lain

He showed me how to have an audience of one - Him. With his loving
eyes as my only judge, my creations are a gift to Him. Even before
I wrote this email, I sat down and asked God to guide my words,
that they be pleasing to Him. That's what I worry about - not
whether my language is flowery enough or my grammar correct.
When I stopped worrying about everyone around me, my art became
easier. And God continually challenged me to stretch myself and to
share my journey with others, to free them from the binds of
judgment, self-criticism, and insecurity.
Which is EXACTLY why I developed Truth Scrap -- an online, LIVE
event that blends art and faith together. Coming to your computer
on Saturday, Jan. 31, Truth Scrap includes seven classes that will
show you not just HOW to worship God with your art, but WHY, and
how these seven women were able to get outside their own heads and
fight their own insecurities. Techniques, yes -- but even more
importantly, each instructor will share her individual journey,
with the intent of inspiring you to grow in your own creative path
to God.
We've already registered more than 250 people for this event, and
while you have several weeks left to sign up, I'm writing today to
encourage you to take advantage of our special $50 off discount. If
you use code "NEWYEAR" at checkout before midnight tonight, you can
register for all seven classes, plus the pre-event PJ party, plus
special bonuses, for less than $100.
You cannot find a better deal on faith-based inspiration, a better
assortment of teachers, or a better price. So if you've been
waiting for a sign that you should sign up, let this be it!
Whether you choose to attend or not, please know - God loves it
when you connect with Him. He doesn't care what color ink you use.
Big ,
P.S. The regular price of $149 is only for OTHER people. Enter code
"NEWYEAR" at checkout to automatically register for all seven
-- a full day of inspiration and fun -- for only $99 through
midnight tonight

Truth Scrap Art Worship Art Journal Sneak Peek | Note From Lain


This is my heart! This is exactly why I wanted to be one of the instructors. I don't just share how to make background papers in an art journal and my process for art worshiping in my class. I share my story. My 41 year long journey with Christ and my transformation from doubt to freedom the last few years. I hope and pray that it inspires YOU to look to Jesus and share your faith and art and not be afraid. I can't even begin to tell you how free and joy-FULL I am now after I let go of the past and just looked to Jesus. This is my prayer for you! 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I will receive a small commission on purchases made, using my link. Thank you for your continued support in keeping this blog running and to help purchase supplies for the tutorials and inspiration!

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