Do You Ever Doubt Your Art?

Do you ever doubt your creativity or your artwork? Do you get so insecure that you're afraid to even put the pen down on the paper, for fear you'll make a mistake? If so, then read on.

#ARTWORSHIP an art journaling response to Jesus | Truth Scrap 2015

Most artists and craftspeople – even “professional” ones – have periods of self-doubt, so don't feel like you are alone! But what gets me through the dry times is the fact that I know I was made to create. God put the passion to create in me, and I know when I am making things, I'm expressing his love for me. When I am secure in his love, I am secure in my art.

Trust me, I've been fighting self-doubt for three years, but I know now that this #artworship is the path God has chosen for me and he has this CRAZY LOVE for me and also FOR YOU!!! So, I can tell you that I know it's easier said than done. 

#ARTWORSHIP an art journaling response to Jesus | Truth Scrap 2015

That's why I'm so excited about Truth Scrap, an online event that is exploring the intersection between faith and art. Seven instructors (including me!) are offering a glimpse into not only HOW they create their artwork, but WHY. From Bible journaling to mixed-media, you'll learn details about creating projects from the heart up.

#ARTWORSHIP an art journaling response to Jesus | Truth Scrap 2015

My friend Lain Ehmann has pulled together SEVEN top-notch instructors (including me!) to present the absolute best in faith-based crafting education, and it's coming to you LIVE on January 31. But forget about packing up your paper, inks, trimmers and paint – this is delivered right to your computer!

If you haven't already checked out the lineup for this event, please head over here right now and see what's in store:

#ARTWORSHIP an art journaling response to Jesus | Truth Scrap 2015

TRUTH SCRAP 2015: Intersecting Faith and Art

In this one-day event, you'll learn new skills and techniques and discover fantastic ideas for gaining more confidence in your artwork and crafting, and for sharing your faith through your creations. This is truly a one-of-a-kind event, and I hope you'll join in.

Here's an example of what my class will look like. I recently got to do an art piece for the cover of my church's quarterly magazine. Talk about nervous nelly and self-doubt. You have no idea how nervous I was, LOL! It was fun to see one of my art pieces outside of my journal and I love how God spoke through me in creating. It was truly art worship with the confidence and reminder of God's amazing LOVE for me and FOR YOU! John 3:16

#ARTWORSHIP an art journaling response to Jesus | Truth Scrap 2015

P.S. Did I mention that all class replays are also provided as part of your enrollment? That way you can watch again and again! And trust me, you'll want to...

P.P.S. Lain has given me a special discount for you. Use code ADVENT at checkout to save $20 off the regular registration. But hurry – that code is good only for a limited time, December 24th!

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