Workflow Wednesday: Fonts, Handwriting, and Typewriters... oh my!!!

Welcome to another edition to my workflow process. Today, I'm going to share about one of my favorite topics... journaling and storytelling!


I love fonts! My favorite fonts lately have been dingbat fonts. I love adding handdrawn elements to my pages and photos. My favorites are these mobile-ready fonts over at The Lilypad. My other favorite is my font that was created by the fabulous (and retired) Darcy Baldwin using my own handwriting. She did an amazing job cleaning it up for me and it always blows me away when I start typing and it totally looks like a really nice version of my real handwriting.

Anyways, back on subject! Since we're already working in Photoshop, I'm going to share how to add one of the fun dingbat fonts to your journal cards before you print them. It's super easy!

First let's install the font. When you look in the folder, you'll find a TTF (true type font) in there. Click on it and you'll see this box come up. Click on the "install" button and it will automatically install it for you.

Next, I change my foreground color to a color that is in my color scheme or to a very dark gray. I don't usually use pure black because I think it's more natural looking to be a dark gray.

Then I will choose the large capital "T" in the left hand toolbar. On the top toolbar, I will choose the first drop down menu and find the font I want to use.

Next, I will type what I want. For this dingbat, I didn't type out the whole word "adventure" it was just one letter. I just go and type and delete until I find the one I want.

To resize it, I go to the top toolbar again and click on the drop down number to change the size, larger or smaller, or type in the size I want. That's it! So very easy!


As you will notice though in my weekly pocket scrapbook pages, that my go-to is to actually hand write all my journaling. That is mostly because I really don't plan out my pages ahead of time and I like to doodle and stuff. It's just easier for me to do... tho, I'm not a fan of my handwriting. I love that my kids get a glimpse of my messy handwriting, tho, I hope they can read it one day! LOL


I will admit, I would really really LOVE a fun vintage typewriter. I've been browsing the resale shops and keeping my eyes open for listings. I just haven't found one yet that I'm willing to fork over the money for. I think part of my problem is that I don't have a designated craft room, so I don't know where I would put it. That means, I would want a really cute retro looking one that would fit in as not just a useful tool, but look like it's part of the home decor. One day, I hope to find the perfect match for me. But, for now, I'll just buy awesome typewriter fonts from Heather Joyce. My favorite is... The Royal Invites!

How do you like to journal on your journal cards or art journals? Do you like to use fonts, your own handwriting or hand lettering, or a typewriter? What's your favorite journaling font? I'd love to hear! I'm always on the lookout for new and fun fonts!

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