Artsy Blog Hop: Part One

Heather Greenwood Designs | Artsy Blog Hop: Part One | #interview #mixedmedia #pocketscrapping

I was thrilled and beyond honored when Rachel Jefferies aka Captivated Visions asked me to participate in this fun and unique blog hop! This blog hop is so fun, this first part we answer several fun questions about our artsy process and then next week for part two we link you to artists we find inspiring and will continue the blog hop.


I've known Rachel for a few years now when she was designing digital scrapbook kits. I was referred to her by a scrapbooking friend as someone who'd make a great guest creative team member. I instantly fell in LOVE with her designs. I also fell in love with her. She's been such a great inspiration and mentor. 

Through my first year on the team, I saw her evolve from full digital scrapbook collections to her signature art journal/mixed media style. It's so fun to watch her collections come together starting with the handmade papers and then adding her heart and soul into the rest of the collection. 

That's my favorite part of her collections, I love that her papers are her own. I love seeing all the texture and layering she does on her papers are just so yummy. I can see all of her heart and soul in her work. She always seems to be in my brain too, because it's always exactly what I needed to journal about.

Heather Greenwood Designs | Artsy Blog Hop: Part One | #interview #mixedmedia #pocketscrapping

Be sure to check out her blog, she's got lots of inspiration and amazing tutorials if you're wanting to get your feet wet in the digital art journaling world. Be prepared to fall in love with her and be inspired by her work and her desire to show you so many really cool techniques. I've learned so much from the tutorials and inspiration.


  • How does your creative process work? 

I'm a major daydreamer... I usually get ideas popping in my head all the time. Usually, mid-idea I'll get a new idea. Sometimes, I think my brain is a huge group of creative women talking at the same time, lol. My creative process seems to start differently every time. I usually want to try a new technique or try something I saw someone do.

Heather Greenwood Designs | Artsy Blog Hop: Part One | #interview #mixedmedia #pocketscrapping

If there is a technique I want to teach, I'll grab supplies for that. I usually work on my kitchen island. I guess my creative process starts with me cleaning off the island to make room for my supplies and project.

Someday I dream of having my own studio to play. That's a long time dream though as we're still working to fix up our fixer-upper and there is no room. I'd love to convert a shed in the backyard as an art studio. I tend to day dream a lot.

Heather Greenwood Designs | Artsy Blog Hop: Part One | #interview #mixedmedia #pocketscrapping

  • How does your work differ from others of its genre? 

I work in smaller sizes than traditional art journaling albums. Actually, I use my art journaling and mixed media projects in my weekly pocket scrapbook memory keeping album. I love sharing that you can mix the art journaling and mixed media style with the pocket scrapbook style.

I sometimes work in my Documented Life Planner album, but I find I have an easier time on the smaller platform. Like Rachel, I believe that everyone has their own unique way of capturing their heart and soul. I also don't have any formal art education, and am self taught.

I find I learn best by trial and error and am having so much fun in the process of learning all these techniques along with you and sharing how anyone can do it. If I can do it, you can too.

Heather Greenwood Designs | Artsy Blog Hop: Part One | #interview #mixedmedia #pocketscrapping

  • What are you working on now?

Right now I'm actually enjoying some time off from creating and enjoying the last few weeks of homeschooling. 

I started joining the kids in their "art class" and realizing I have a lot to learn. We've been working on shadowing and it's a lot harder than it looks, but I'm having a good time. We've also been working on color blending which has been fun too. I've actually really enjoyed only using primary colors to create new colors or to make them lighter or darker. 

I've got a lot to learn, I've been so spoiled by just using whatever colors I have on hand and not having to do color blending.

I've also purchased a few books as well as checked out a few books at the library and have been working on some of the projects in them. They have been so inspiring and fun to learn.

I'm also taking a few classes at Craftsy and totally loving them and learning so much. I wish I had heard about these classes before because they're soooo awesome and now have a long wishlist of classes I want to take.

and some classes in my wishlist that I can't wait to take this fall...

  • Why do you do what you do?

It's an outlet for me. I need to be constantly moving my hands and creating. If I'm not constantly creating I get in a funk and feel like I'm locked in a closet. It also helps me focus. It helps me to stay calm and stress free. 

Heather Greenwood Designs | Artsy Blog Hop: Part One | #interview #mixedmedia #pocketscrapping

After my ADHD diagnosis a few years ago, I realized how much I need art and creative time in my life every day. It's this endless circle... if I'm creating, all the other things on my to-do list get done. If I'm not creating, I end up sick and in bed and totally unmotivated to do anything. Even just a few minutes to create is all I need to give me energy to get through the day. 

Heather Greenwood Designs | Artsy Blog Hop: Part One | #interview #mixedmedia #pocketscrapping

I also like teaching and want to share what I'm learning with everyone, which is why I started this blog and the tutorials. I make sure that the tutorials are short and easy and just enough creative time to give you energy to play and experiment and enjoy the process.

Thanks for joining me in this fun little interview. Be sure to come back next Monday and I'll be linking you to other artists' blogs that inspire me. I can't wait to introduce you to them.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I will receive a small commission on purchases made, using my link. Thank you for your continued support!

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