Art Journaling Is The Best Kind Of Therapy

Last weekend a friend of mine passed away after a 15 year battle with cancer. I am so thankful he is no longer in so much pain and is worshipping the Lord with that sweet and beautiful voice, I enjoyed singing with here on earth. 

Over the weekend, I needed to get my tears out. I needed to weep with his wife and kids. I decided to do what I always do when I'm trying to process things. I brought out my journal and started painting. This is what came from my creative time. It seriously was the therapy I needed. Sometimes I wish I had started art journaling years ago!

Heather Greenwood | Sometimes There Are No Words, Only Tears Art Journal #mixedmedia

Yesterday, I shared my process on how I created this page over on the Sweet Stamp Shop blog. If you're interested in seeing how I started from just a white piece of mixed media paper to this page, be sure to check it out. I loved using the teardrop shaped diamond stamp to make the tears in the background. I also loved using several other stamps I had to say what I was feeling at the time... and so perfectly.

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