Happy Easter: homeschool co-op fingerpainting fun!

Yesterday I taught our homeschool coop group. I had so much fun with the kids. We did lots of art projects, handwriting, baking, reading, running around outside. The weather was perfect. 


I was actually supposed to teach last week, during Holy Week, but came down with a fever the night before. Last week was supposed to be our "spring break" too, but we were all sick and vegged out in the house all week. I ate lots and lots of hot and sour soup almost every day. 

I was bummed that I had all these Easter activities planned out for the kids and we would be doing it after Easter instead of before. The best part was that God was totally in that situation the whole time and knew it was exactly what the kids needed TODAY, NOT last week. They had lots of fun and it was such a joy to see them remember Christ's love for them.

Heather Greenwood | Easter | Homeschool | fingerpainting project

I really wanted to share this project with you. Our memory verse for today was John 3:16. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."


I really took that to heart when planning the projects we did today. I wanted them to have a project that reminded them that the cross wasn't just for them, but for their friends too. I made a simple cross shape in my Silhouette Software and then cut it out on the Silhouette Portrait several times with Neenah Premium Cardstock.

They each had one color of Crayola Fingerpaints on a plate in front of them and one cross for each of them. They were to put their fingerprints on the cross in front of them a few times and then we passed them around to the right. So, by the time it got all the way around the table, they had everyone's fingerprints on their cross. It was so fun to see how much they loved this project.

Heather Greenwood | Easter | Homeschool | fingerpainting project

We also read Benjamin's Box: The Story of the Resurrection Eggs and I had the kids find the Resurrection Eggs that went with each page in the book. 

We then made Resurrection Rolls and while they were baking "for three days" we did some coloring sheets and handwriting sheets. After the stone (oven door) was rolled away, we let the rolls cool off and did this fun finger painting project. We cleaned up, saw that Jesus (marshmallow) was gone and ate our rolls. 

After everyone was done eating they all went outside to play in our dirt pile and run around. Such a fun morning with these kids. I love when we get together for fun, learning and fellowship.

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