Project Life 2012 - last page

and now I'm searching for a really good deal on an album so I can print these babies up and enjoy looking through the album... I guess this is the reason I like doing hybrid this year because I can view the album instead of having to wait for the year to be over and have the album printed... if I were to do digital again... I'd probably do it w/o the digital page protectors and just the plain format... and then I'd print them up as 12x12 prints and cut them up and put them in the albums... or maybe just get 12x12 page protectors instead of the pocket page protectors and print them up that way... but I really kinda like the pockets, because I can add in memorabilia too...

DISCLAIMER: As a creative team member for the aforementioned designers, I have received their products for free in return for creating and posting projects (digital layouts, hybrids projects, etc). Some but not all of the layouts you see here were done as requirements for these CTs, please be advised that the product used was indeed received for free if I am on the designer's creative team. Any additional advertising that I may do for them or for the stores with which they are affiliated is purely out of my dedication to these designers and the wish to see their business succeed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.



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