Project Life

Well... I found out about a fun little scrapping trend that focuses on recording your memories in an easy way. I thought I'd give it a try since I seem to always fail at doing P365 and P52 and I think it was because I was focusing so much on making my pages super fancy instead of just making them simple yet still show my personality. I thought about ordering the whole kit and everything, until I looked at the price and decided I'd just do it digital and have them printed in a photobook at the end of the year. I was nervous about it but 12 weeks into I'm still caught up and having a blast doing it. It's super easy and it does exactly what I wanted it to do. I also found that I'm using my iPhone a ton for the pictures instead of carrying around my big dSLR. This has made the project a ton easier too because I always have the phone with me so I can capture those moments I would have normally missed since I don't carry around the big camera everywhere. So... I'm reviving this blog and bringing you all my Project Life pages and some other good things. I'm not going to post all my pages anymore because well, I was getting bored with it... but hopefully I'll use this blog to share a little bit about our life while sharing with you some of my bigger projects... enjoy!!!

Here is my cover page: I actually really love it and how simple it is...
Snap Happy by Dani Mogstad
Fizza Wizza Wowza by Darcy Baldwin and Shawna Clingman
Document Life Sampler by Traci Reed - Freebie 



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