Sun Flare photos and mini-tute

I've been really into sun flare photos lately...

Here's a layout I did this week with a picture I took in Tennessee last fall...

Kitschy Kitchen by Jenn Barrette and Sahlin Studios
Kitschy Kitchen Mix by Jenn Barrette and Sahlin Studios

blue background from Hip To Be Square by Jenn Barrette
DJB Quirky Sisters by Darcy Baldwin

You Complete Me by Fizzy Pop and Fiddle Dee Dee

and here's a photo I took yesterday of a hawk flying above our house...
Wanna know how to do this? For the best results, I've found that you need your lens aperture to be as small as possible (biggest f-stop number)... so on my 50mm that would be f/16... but many lenses go even smaller than that. Then you will get the sun partially in your photo and you'll begin to actually see the flare in your viewfinder... then click. For the Loveless Cafe sign, I actually shaded the lens with my hand to get the sign in focus... once the sign was in focus and I had pressed the shutter button half way down, I moved my hand to bring the flare back in and finished the shot.



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