Scrapping Saturday - iNSD pages

I know I'm a bit late... we had out of town family in town for Asher's dedication and been dealing with dr appts this week and trying to catch up. So... I have a lot to show you and let's just say that I'm so glad that iNSD is over with... I just hope my mojo comes back! I did have a TON of fun though getting ready for iNSD even though I didn't get to participate much in the activities on Saturday. Ready for some layout overload? Here we go...

From Traci Reed
w/ Meghan Mullens
DJB Mrs. Webster by Darcy Baldwin
Paper2Digi lift of Story Time by gluestickgirl

w/ Misty Cato
Blue Jean Baby by Traci Reed and Misty Cato
DJB Tara Writes by Darcy Baldwin

and a solo element pack... I LOVE these page protectors!!!
Blink Of An Eye by Traci Reed and Kristin Cronin-Barrow
Slip Ins 3 by Traci Reed
DJB Tara Writes by Darcy Baldwin

From Kristin Cronin-Barrow
w/ Jenn Barrette
and a font from Darcy Baldwin
Me Time: Chick Lit by Kristin Cronin-Barrow and Jenn Barrette
I'm No Wizard by Darcy Baldwin
DJB Mrs. Webster by Darcy Baldwin
Inspired by Jac template by Darcy Baldwin

another collab with Jenn Barrette
Me Time: Chick Flick by Kristin Cronin-Barrow and Jenn Barrette
grass clippings and bird are from Grow Something Good by Jenn Barrette
branch is from I Love U Sew by Jenn Barrette
rose leaves are from A Wonderful World by Kristin Cronin-Barrow and Meghan Mullens
font is DJB So Very Susan by Darcy Baldwin
template (modified) by Queen Of Hearts

and a collab with Susan Bartolini
also includes new elements from Penny Springmann
I think this is my fave page of the week!
Mother Knows Best by Kristin Cronin-Barrow and Susan Bartolini
All Worn Out Flowers, Hearts and Stars by Penny Springmann
All Worn Out: Frames by Penny Springmann
All Worn Out: Borders and tags by Penny Springmann
Century Gothic font

from Dani Mogstad
Life Of The Party by Dani Mogstad
Paint and Kraft alpha by Dani Mogstad
DJB Zoe by Darcy Baldwin

and some banner templates from Dani
with another awesome new font from Darcy Baldwin
Scrapper's Toolbox: For The Love Of Banners by Dani Mogstad
Lemon Head fonts by Darcy Baldwin
Here We Grow by Dani Mogstad
Midnight Cowgirl Template by Queen Of Hearts

and I'm excited to announce that I've joined Shawna Clingerman's creative team and she has an awesome kit and collab with Libby Pritchett
from Shawna Clingerman
w/ Libby Pritchett
Freeze Frame by Shawna Clingerman and Libby Pritchett
Coffee Shoppe fonts by Darcy Baldwin and Shawna Clingerman
for the NSD scraplift one of Shawna's girls challenge - lifted Christine's Complete

and her awesome boy springish kit
Carefree by Shawna Clingerman
Lemon Heads font by Darcy Baldwin

from Queen Of Hearts
w/ Micheline Martin
Grab Bag Bonanza by Queen Of Hearts and Micheline Martin

from Kelleigh Ratzlaff
she has this really cute box that I didn't have time to play with yet... but planning on soon!
Gathered Box Template Set and Cutting Files



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