ABC Blocks Tutorial

Decided to bring this tutorial for these blocks over from my personal blog... I'm so excited that they were featured at The Daily Digi yesterday which is one of my favorite blogs. It totally made my day and made me chuckle a little that we ended up not naming our son Jacob. Here's the feature... Happy Hybrid. You'll also notice the tutorial for the paper heart wreath that I did for The Hybrid Chick also was featured... needless to say, my day was totally made and totally motivated me to start working on some more hybrid goodies.

Anyways, here is the tutorial for the ABC blocks which the kids have loved playing with and now I want to make another set for Asher. :)

the bottom pic is a name we are thinking of for our little dude due in January... shhhhh! LOL
Alphabet Soup for Boys by Zoe Pearn
Alphabet Soup for Girls by Zoe Pearn
Alphabet Soup for Boys: The Collection by Zoe Pearn
Alphabet Soup for Girls: The Collection by Zoe Pearn
DJB Skritch Skratch by Darcy Baldwin
School Days alpha by Zoe Pearn
kite template from Go Outside! by Penny Springmann
owl (recolored) and branch from Falling For Her by Traci Reed and Melissa Bennett
Paper Clips: Leila's Alpha templates by Libby Weifenbach

I've had several people ask me how I made them... well actually more like tell me they want a set, lol... but really they are super super easy. I wasn't planning on doing a tutorial but I'll just share some quick instructions, so there won't be in progress pics unfortunately. Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions though.

OK, first I bought my supplies:
-the main kits I used were the first two listed above - Alphabet Soup for Boys and Alphabet Soup for Girls (there are some 2 x 2 tiles in there and I used all of them and then used one as a template to create the rest of the letters
-5 - 2" x 2" wooden blocks
-sand paper
-white cardstock
-Mod Podge (I used Matte, though you can use Glossy if you prefer)
-sponge brush

OK, here we go...
1) sand the edges of your blocks
2) paint all sides of your blocks... making sure the edges are well coated since that's the part that will show, let dry
3) create the tiles... I used one of the 2x2 tiles in the kit and then shrunk it down to 1.75"x1.75", and then I created a template and then used that as a guide and had to make 3 pages worth of tiles to complete the alpha and additional tiles to cover all sides of the blocks.
4) print at "high" quality on white cardstock (I use double sided matte presentation paper)
5) cut them out
6) paste using Mod Podge to the sides of the blocks (I wanted to make sure that I was able to spell each of the kids' names so I did those letters first and then randomly placed the rest of them)
7) let dry
8) coat all sides of the blocks with Mod Podge... you only have to do it once if you're using them for display, but since I don't mind my kids playing with them I plan of doing several more coats.



  1. Beautiful! Am going to try to make these. Did you brush on the paint or use spray paint? Thanks!

  2. Very neat! Thanks for the directions!