Project 52 - week 1

We just got home this morning from the hospital and I quickly downloaded the pictures and finished my layout which I had done most of before we left for the hospital.

Into the Woods by Jenn Barrette (SSD 2010 grab bag)
Sturdy Solids by Shawna Clingerman
X-Treme Acrylic Alpha by Traci Reed
Just the Basics by Dani Mogstad
DJB Tweenybopper by Darcy Baldwin
25 Days of Christmas templates by Roadside Designs



  1. Congrats Heather. He's gorgeous!
    Can't wait to see your project unfold.

  2. He looks such a wise little guy. Congrats mama!

  3. I was about to say..why were you scrapping?!?! He's darling, Heather!

  4. Beautiful .... you just need to do a follow up to your three layout. I have just been looking at your layouts at SSD, and I am so happy that it all came true for you :)
    Yay, who doesn't love a happy ending.
    He is adorable :)