Log Your Memory Weekly Challenge #1

This year I'm really excited about these challenges and am going to try to complete them every week... I realize I probably won't get to them every week but will definitely try to catch up whenever I can. Week #1 is to create a list. Some people are doing bucket lists and some are doing new year's resolutions but I thought it quite fitting the list that I decided to scrap since we'll be having this baby soon. Looking at this list makes me think we're soooo not ready but really we are and if I don't get to the rest of the list other than PRAY, I'm perfectly happy! Of course I made it fit into one of the portfolio challenges at Sweet Shoppe Designs, tee hee.

January 2011 portfolio #10 - National Handwriting Day, used my custom print font

Babycakes by Dani Mogstad

notepad is from Conversations With Kids by Traci Reed and MandaBean (recolored)
my custom print font by Darcy Baldwin
gimme space by Darcy Baldwin and Lauren Reid
Doodle Me by Lauren Grier
cookies 4 kids template by Nikki



  1. I am glad you're joining in the challenges! I did all of them last year and am really pleased with what came of it. Good luck to you!

  2. Beautiful page!

    I'm thinking I need to look into this Log Your Memory thing. Thanks for the inspiration.