Friday Four: Bible Art Journaling Faves

a list of my favorite tools for art journalig Bible journaling

I'm super excited to start sharing a new feature on the blog for you! I often get asked about my favorite tools and supplies and especially for Bible journaling. So, every Friday, I will share four things I like at the time, whether it's supplies or books I'm reading or totally random things. I'll share a little bit about why I like them too, not just pretty pictures. Note: these are all original photos taken by me, and not product shots. I want you to know that these faves really are my personal faves and not totally random. I will not be doing any sponsored posts for this feature.

I seriously LOVE both of these Bibles. The Single Column is the one I carry with me to church and use the most. The Interleaved is large and heavier so I keep that one at home and will be using it more as an art journal and will likely have more personal journaling. I"m looking forward to having full pages to journal on for mixed media art.

a list of my favorite tools for art journalig Bible journaling

These are so much bigger than they were when they were in the Etsy shop. I love the addition of the ink pad and washi tape. My favorite part is that the stamp backing is a cut apart sheet. The current Created to Create kit is only available for a few more days before the new month's kit arrives. Shanna Noel is the author of it and I'm totally reading the devotional in her sweet giggly voice. I've already completed a few illustrations in my Bible and you can see them on Instagram!

a list of my favorite tools for art journalig Bible journaling

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this plate for keeping the current printables, die cuts or cup aparts on. It's so pretty and looks so nice on my desk. I really like everything in that whole collection and have a feeling I'll be buying more of it as we start decorating the house after years of renovations and remodeling.

a list of my favorite tools for art journalig Bible journaling

It's no secret how much I LOVE these pens, so much so that I have a huge stash of them and everyone in the house knows that they are not allowed to use them. I have them in each of my planners, my purse, my desk, and then a hidden stash in the cupboard. I love that they are india ink so once they are dry they are permanent and won't smear. This makes it great for illustrations to later watercolor. It also writes really well over acrylic paint which is a big win for me. It's the perfect mixed media journaling pen.

a list of my favorite tools for art journalig Bible journaling

FYI, there is a current sale going on at DaySpring... everything is 25% off if you use the discount code LIVE25 in your cart. I can't wait to add to my home decor collection!!!

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