The Reset Girl #listersgottalist Challenge | Days 1-2

I've been in need of a challenge recently. Life has gotten a little crazy and I needed to do something fun for me. Recently, I've finished making my Art Society Fauxdori (I still need to take photos to share) and I have set it up as a little traveling art journal. (I still need to take photos of how I've made it into a travel art journal).

ListersGottaList Challenge: Days 1-2 | Fauxdori | list making | mixed media

I was in need of some prompts. I have been following The Reset Girl for awhile and she'd the one that totally made me fall in love with Midori style journals and planners. She started a list challenge this month and it was instant LOVE. It feel so good just spending a few minutes completing my list.

DAY ONE PROMPT: reasons why I love being a planner girl.
ListersGottaList Challenge: Day1 | Fauxdori | list making | mixed media

DAY TWO PROMPT: favorite songs of all time (I was inspired by Cori aka The Reset Girl and did favorite worship songs... not that I listen to anything else right now, anyways LOL
ListersGottaList Challenge: Day2 | Fauxdori | list making | mixed media

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