Why I Choose Project Life Design A and a Weekly Format For My Scrapbook Album

I'm not a fan of my own pages all looking the same, not that I'm saying there's anything wrong with them looking all the same. After almost 2.5 years of doing Project Life style scrapbook pages, I've changed my mind and settled down on using mostly only Becky Higgins Project Life Design A Page Protectors (Amazon , 2Peas, Simon Says Stamps - affiliate links) in my everyday scrapbook albums for many reasons. 

Heather Greenwood | Why I Choose Project Life Design A and a Weekly Format

To prevent them from looking the same though, I like to add some mixed media techniques and spend the time being creative in each pocket. I like to think of each pocket as it's own layout. 

Once in awhile I'll sprinkle in some other designs for inserts and use other designs for my event albums to break up the monotony.


  1. TIME SAVER - Using the same design every week makes it easy for planning purposes. Not that I do a lot of planning when it comes to designing my pages, but it does cut down on time trying to "make it fit"

  2. PHOTO SIZES - I like using smaller photos and squeezing them all on one page. I very rarely print full 4"x6" photos unless I really want to spotlight that photo and there is plenty of white space on it for journaling.

  3. JOURNALING - I like to journal a lot and most journal cards are 3"x4" vertical cards. I don't have to think about how to make it fit. 

  4. COHESIVE ALBUM - Since I don't use just one core kit and like to mix things up, using the same page format helps to make the album more cohesive

  5. AVAILABILITY AND COST - I love that I can get a huge box of them. My first big box was the one with a mix of Design A and Design D and I found that I only used Design A. Now I just buy the big box of Design A and it saves me money because it costs less for the big boxes and I can use a coupon from Michaels to save even more.
Heather Greenwood | Why I Choose Project Life Design A and a Weekly Format


I tried doing monthly pages this year and not worrying about week numbers and dates and such and I've found that I just really need the pages to be a part of my weekly routine and having it scheduled in makes it just so much easier to do the weekly format rather than the monthly format or even format.


This year, I decided to not worry so much about having a 2 page spread every week. I was using a lot of "filler" cards and such on weeks that I didn't have many photos and I found that it took time to find the right cards to fit in. It also meant that I had to use 2 albums each year instead of one album for the year. I was beginning to picture walls full of albums and having to buy bigger houses just to fill them with more albums. I have no desire to buy a bigger house than what we have. We are so very blessed to have this fixer-upper and have worked hard to fix it up and make it our "home". I would be so sad to leave it. OK, back on subject.

Heather Greenwood | Why I Choose Project Life Design A and a Weekly Format


I am really liking doing event albums too, like December Daily, Week In The Life and my wedding album which is still a work in progress. I do however, try to stick to still using horizontal 4"x6" cards and vertical 3"x4" journal cards.

My wedding album seems to be the exception though, because the photos are not digital and are already printed. It is turning out to be a nice mix of pocket pages and full page scrapbook pages. I'm really enjoying the process and using up some of my non-Design A page protectors. It does take a bit more planning and time for making things fit though, which is why it's taking me a bit longer than usual to complete.

For December Daily and Week In The Life, I really enjoy the smaller mini albums and will continue to use them. I really like the 6"x8" format of some of the albums and will probably continue to use them through the years.

I'm also working on a travel album with photos from Grandma Doyle's photos and I hope to work on a heritage album in the 6"x8" format too.

Heather Greenwood | Why I Choose Project Life Design A and a Weekly Format


Once in awhile I use Design D, Design F, or Design H and these would be my favorite for when I want to mix things up a bit. 

Design H

I like to use Design H for inserts. I used to cut a Design A in half, but now I'm just buying a pack whenever I need to and not stock piling the leftover half.

Design F

The thing I really like about Design F is all the 3"x4" pockets. I really thought that this was going to be my favorite designs, but I do run into the fact that I have a lot of landscape oriented photos so they don't work as well, and then I have to plan for that the next week too. It also doesn't come in a big box either so I have to buy the smaller boxes when I want to use them.

Design D

I'm using Design D a lot in my wedding album, just because I have so many vertical 4"x6" photos. I do find it hard to find journal cards though in the horizontal 3"x4" size. So I have to be creative sometimes. That is the nice thing about the grid cards is I can create my own cards for those spots and be creative in that way.


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