April 2014 - page 1 (week 14)

Happy Monday! I'm here with another week from my Project Life album. I love how quick and easy this printable pack was for me to use. I literally just used my freebie hybrid print templates and printed out the cards I needed, did my journaling and added the dates and a touch of doodling. EASY-PEASY!!!

Project Life | Week 14 | Scrapbook | Anna Aspnes | Scrap Stacks | Printables | Heather Greenwood

We had such a busy and fun filled week. On Wednesday we went with our homeschool coop group on a farm tour. It was definitely the most memorable farm tour, since the cows escaped and they had to go rescue them while we waited in the barn. We saw them running around and then a few of them ran through the barn. The kids were screaming, and I'll admit that I was trying not to laugh out loud. They kept apologizing but it seriously was tons of fun and we learned a lot. After the cows were all rescued we got to see the horses, sheep and the chickens. The boys finally warmed up by the time we got to the chickens and Asher was too cute talking to the one chicken that escaped. It made me really want to have chickens one day.

Since it was the first Saturday of the month, we went to the monthly Kids Workshop at Home Depot and made birdfeeders. Afterwards, we went to Mill Race Cyclery and I tried out a bike and fell instantly in love with it. It was seriously meant for me. I can see why it's the best selling bike for women with small families. The problem was that they didn't have a 2014 model in stock, so Mark went and did some more research and also decided to buy the bike that he originally wanted from Journey Cycle and BMX near us, where we got our kids' bikes tuned up. He's sooo happy, after all that research and test driving bikes, to finally find a bike he loves. I can't wait to get my bike so we can go on family bike outings.
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