I've had some exciting news that I wanted to share a couple weeks ago, but have been w/o internet for far too long and now I'm trying to get all caught up... sooo, my title has two different means... I have internet back and I didn't realize how much I missed my friends behind the screen until I was forced to be w/o them... It was tough... but I got a ton of decorating and mixed media art work done around the house... I guess my lesson learned is that maybe I spend a bit too much time online looking for inspiration instead of just creating... I've also learned that when I get "behind" on Project Life I get overwhelmed... Today's goal is to try to catch up... I've got all my photos inserted and now I'm just printing up journal cards and print and cutting elements and alphas to put in my album...

The second meaning to the title is I'm a SugarBabe again!!! Those few months after stepping down from my position at Sweet Shoppe were really hard... I mean, I had major confirmations that I did the right thing, that I really didn't have time to do Project Life AND regular scrappy layouts... It was also a time for me to try going back to traditional paper and I had gotten the subscription at Gossamer Blue... in the end I realized that hybrid is really my true love and pocket scrapping is the way for me to get more of our stories and memories recorded... so anyways... last month on our way home from Nashville, I read the Sweet Shoppe newsletter and they were having a call for pocket scrapping SugarBabes... I was a total mess of emotions... if I had known that this was an option, I would have never stepped down in the first place... soooo the 4 hour drive to Indy and through some tears, I wrote a uber long application/novel to Robin... and then when we got to my in-laws' house, and had wi-fi again... I found the links I needed to send with my application and then hit "send"... I was a ball of nerves... I wanted soooooo badly to be back and missed my Sweet Shoppe Staff "family" soooo much... thank goodness for Facebook to keep in touch with many of them... I then sat on pins and needles all week waiting to hear back from Robin... soooo... I'm excited to announce that I'm back, but in a new role and I'm super excited about it!!!!



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