Scrappin' Saturday 7/28

YAY!!! What a great vacation week for our family... we got tons done on the house renovations and we got to have a family day at the zoo yesterday. Today we're going to visit Great Grandma and Grandma and Grandpa and we're looking forward to some more family time.

Also this week, I wrote another tutorial for Sweet Shoppe Designs, on using the puppet warp tool in PSCS5+... you can find the tutorial HERE

and here's the layout I completed to write the tutorial...

Here is my favorite layout of the week... this is a picture that was taken yesterday and was just so awesome and I literally SQUEEEEEd outloud when  I downloaded the pictures from the day... I had a million other things I needed to do last night but I just couldn't resist scrapping the picture because I was so excited!!!

OK... and since I'm in a rush to get out the house... I'm just going to post all the other layouts from this week and their credits... some of them were done earlier but had to wait until this week before I could post them... I really didn't have that much time this week to do many layouts LOL...




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