Project Life - Week 17

Just when I get caught up, another week has gone by and I have another week to catch up on, LOL... I am excited to be pretty much caught up though and will start sharing more of my regular layouts again too... and then I'm hoping to finish up my Week In The Life pages so that I can get my Shutterfly book printed up and share that with you!!! I'm really so very excited to finally print up one of my projects... I actually have codes for 2 Shutterfly books so I'm thinking of working on a few pages for last years Week In The Life and have that printed up too. So... anyways, here's Week 17's layouts... this was the same week as Week In The Life, so I had TONS of pictures to share, but I still wanted it to be different than my Week In The Life pages. This was lots of fun to put together!!!



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