Project Life - Week 12

Here are my Week 12 layouts... this was the week our cherry tree bush bloomed so I decided to take a picture every day of it... I was really glad I did because it was really neat to see them go from buds to flowers to leaves in one week... tho, I wish they stayed flowers for longer than just a couple days, it really is so beautiful. I've also become addicted to Instagram and hardly use my dSLR anymore... this was such a crazy busy week... I probably could have done 4 pages instead of 2, but instead I just piled all the pictures up on the layout. We had fun being outdoors a ton and having ice cream for breakfast in memory of a friend who passed away from melanoma 9 days earlier. We also got to watch our sweet girl perform her ballet recital for us... I love seeing that huge smile on her face!!!

The Way They Were(n't) vol.7 by Allison Pennington
Good Morning Sunshine Kit by Allison Pennington
Secret: Full Kit by Allison Pennington
Splatterific 6 by Karah Fredricks
Hoppy Birthday Collab Alpha by Karah Fredricks (retired)
Day By Day 3x4 Overlays by Amy Jaz Designs
Slip Ins 5 by Traci Reed
Typewriter Scribbled font
The Way They Were(n't) vol 7 by Allison Pennington
The Way They Were(n't) vol 3 by Allison Pennington
Secret by Allison Pennington
Good Morning Sunshine by Allison Pennington
Good Morning Sunshine Strips by Allison Pennington
My Own Backyard by Allison Pennington
Forever Autumn (typewriter strips) by Allison Pennington
Summer Tallies by Allison Pennington
Liatris by Sara Gleason
Ballet Shoes by Jacque Larsen
Between The Pages by Kaye Winiecki
Sweetness: Word Art by Sahlin Studio and Britt-ish Designs
December Daily Numbers by Sahlin Studio
Highlight of the Week: Week Cards by Emily Merritt
Slip Ins 5 by Traci Reed
DJB Fonts: I Love Me Some Heather by Darcy Baldwin
additional fonts: Pupcat and Typewriter Scribbled



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